Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, STAFF_ ROOM exclusively represents socially and politically engaged artists. Engaged art practices are typically developed and delivered through collaboration and participation over a period of time. Actively participating in this ‘unsellable’ artistic process, STAFF_ ROOM distils semis and residues from it that are of interest to collectors. As a not-for-profit gallery STAFF_ ROOM has no permanent exhibition space; it manifests online and offline wherever social and political issues lead her.



In the coming period, STAFF_ ROOM will introduce a new artist every month. Stay updated about our latest artists, projects, exhibitions and news by subscribing to our newsletter in the contact section below or by visiting our website regularly.


To be announced

To be announced



merel [at] staffroom [dot] nl
+31 (0) 6 19 43 03 80

wendela [at] staffroom [dot] nl
+31 (0) 6 21 23 49 77

ARTISTS that wish to submit their portfolio for possible representation by STAFF_ ROOM: you are more than welcome to contact us to submit your work and CV through artists [at] staffroom [dot] nl. Please keep in mind that we receive a consistent number of enquiries everyday. We always reply, but a reply might take some time.

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